Using Song Keeper

Song Keeper was designed to be ready to go from the moment you opened the app. That language came from the target audience of the app. This app is not intended to help you craft that hit single, it is intended to get you started on crafting that hit single. Open the app and the title and lyric boxes are ready to go. The title box is selected and the keyboard is asked to show itself to you, boom! Now, you can start jotting down that the first words to that killer rhythm you had stuck in your head all day!

Be sure to enable permissions for recording and storage to take full advantage of the apps features. Need to know how to allow app permissions on Android 6.0 and above?

  1. Title and Lyric boxes for each song
  2. Save: to save the progress
  3. Pages in the app
  4. New: save anything you have in the title and lyric boxes, clear the screen, and get ready for a new song.
  5. Clear: delete the title and lyric boxes and get ready for a new song
  6. Enable SD Card: save songs on external memory
  7. Color Picker: choose from 16 colors to inspire you as you write

Coming back to the app? The title box is designed to autocomplete so you don’t have to go looking for your songs–type and your songs are there! The AutoComplete feature will need at least two characters to start showing songs and looks for any word in every song title. Select the song title from the list that is presented and the song is loaded and ready for editing!

The title and lyric boxes have full text features enabled on the keyboard–just like when you write a text. The app requests these features so it may not be available on all devices. The title box has a 40 character limit (’cause I mean, really) but the lyric box is limitless! You can use the microphone to write if you are at the gym. You can use the suggestions from the keyboard (if enabled in your device’s settings). You can even use emojis! 😍

Use the Find page to find, organize, delete, and share all your songs
Click to load a song!
Click + Hold to organize!
Click the Share icon to the right to share your song in many ways!
Swipe left to delete song–don’t worry, you still have a few seconds to undo it.

Have a song written and need to add a tune or metronome?

The red circle to the left, is to Record and the button to its right, is to Play your recording. Your songs title is in the middle and there is the Audio Looper to the right. Selecting the looper will turn it blue and blue means it’s looping (you need to have this selected before playing the recording if you want it to loop).