Point (mt) Media Temple Domains to Squarespace

 This is acting as a concise translation and guide to pointing (mt) domains, with DNS Zones hosted at (mt) Media Temple Nameservers, to the Squarespace hosting network.

Important things to note…

  • DNS Zone for the domain should be at (mt) Media Temple; that is we are set as the nameserver.
  • It’s not possible to connect a custom domain to a specific page on your site. All connected domains will point to the site itself and resolve to the primary domain. AKA, its all or nothing!
  • The domain cannot be parked by Squarespace unless they are the registrar.
  • You can’t connect the domain to Squarespace if the domain name has the word “squarespace” or “sqsp” in it.
  • Domains with special characters (such as ü, é, ñ) may not display properly on all browsers. If a browser can’t display the character, it will reformat the domain with extra characters and dashes. For example, the domain “übercool.de,” redirects to “xn--bercool-m2a.de” in unsupported browsers.
  • For more information, check and the full Squarespace guide here!

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