Point (mt) Media Temple Domains to Squarespace

 This is acting as a concise translation and guide to pointing (mt) domains, with DNS Zones hosted at (mt) Media Temple Nameservers, to the Squarespace hosting network.

Important things to note…

  • DNS Zone for the domain should be at (mt) Media Temple; that is we are set as the nameserver.
  • It’s not possible to connect a custom domain to a specific page on your site. All connected domains will point to the site itself and resolve to the primary domain. AKA, its all or nothing!
  • The domain cannot be parked by Squarespace unless they are the registrar.
  • You can’t connect the domain to Squarespace if the domain name has the word “squarespace” or “sqsp” in it.
  • Domains with special characters (such as ü, é, ñ) may not display properly on all browsers. If a browser can’t display the character, it will reformat the domain with extra characters and dashes. For example, the domain “übercool.de,” redirects to “xn--bercool-m2a.de” in unsupported browsers.
  • For more information, check and the full Squarespace guide here!

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Update website database on (mt) Grid server

Have an error on your a site about the database? Need to change the database passwords to meet security requirements? Before we begin, this article is not sponsored or approved by (mt) Media Temple in any way and is provided to you as a courtesy.

Below, I will walk you through updating your website’s database configuration file once you have updated the database user. If you have a WordPress site, there is a concise version of this article here. If you used Joomla or Drupal to build your site or need more detailed instructions for WordPress, please keep reading. Continue reading “Update website database on (mt) Grid server”